Automated advertising technologies for online —
gain the maximum revenue!
Our main principle is that any website containing advertising can be constantly optimized using the most up-to-date technologies and real-time analysis of it's structure and content to reach the best incomes from the automated advertising bids.
About us
Blitz Technologies, LLC (Yerevan, Armenia) provides advertising services for Internet sites: we connect your website with different providers of monetization and tune the bidding between them in the real-time mode.

Our experience in this field is more than 2 years. We use our serious know-how and technologies to increase the profitability of online advertising. Our biggest advantage is our own automatic advertising bidding management system.

We configure and optimize the bids of different providers to cascades of fully compliant and legal advertising. We use world's largest advertising platforms and online agencies from USA & EU like Google (Adsense, AdX), Criteo, Between, Relap, Adwile, Viads, Videonow, Yandex and others.
Advantages of cooperation with us:
  • New advertising sources
    The websites usually does not use a lot of opportunities to gain their income.

    We will analyze the current stand and the list of partners and fix this by delivering more new and profitable partners to increase the website's revenue from all possible sources.
  • Unique team
    A combination of technology professional and advanced analyst of the website's content and structure helps us to see, what and how it should be changed to reach the maximum performance.

    An integrated approach - we analyze, tune-up, control and perform KPIs. Day to day, month to month, year to year.
  • Cases that work
    Our partner's resources are showing constant growth of the revenue that will be shared between our companies on the mutual profitable model.

    Depending on conditions we agree in the contract, our partners are getting up to 50% of the revenue growth in 6-12 months after start of the cooperation.